Oct 13
Oct 04

Fundraising Prospect Research Using Analytics

Nonprofit managers and fundraising professionals acknowledge that effective fundraising has become more complex requiring more time and resources to cultivate sustainable donor relationships. We see the use of analytical technology as a priority for nonprofits interested in developing or strengthening philanthropic relationships. By using analytical technology, a nonprofit organization can... read more →
Sep 21

Planned Giving – Retirement Assets

Retirement savings accounted for 34 percent of household assets in the United States in the first quarter of 2014 according to Investment Company Institute. The total value of such retirement assets is estimated to be $23 trillion. With such a large amount of wealth concentrated in retirement assets, charities working... read more →
Apr 21

The False Claims Act after ACA

Healthcare providers are confronted with a heighted regulatory landscape since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. Congress has been patently devoted to prosecuting provider practices that conspicuously overbill Medicare or Medicaid. The ability to prosecute providers under the False Claims Act has significantly changed in recently years including recent... read more →
Mar 17
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Feb 14

The Grantee Selection Process

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the issue of fraud and the fact that many large nonprofit organizations are victimized each year by fraudulent acts.  We wish to continue this discussion but from a slightly different perspective.  During research, I came across a statement from Michael Ballin, President... read more →
Feb 08

Check Fraud

Our firm recently consulted on issues related to external fraud and so we believe it is befitting to address this issue here.  Most of this article will be to educate persons on this issue than to tell a story.  You will find in reading this blog that educating the public... read more →