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Our goal is to make sustainable funding achievable for all nonprofits regardless of an organization's size. - Debra Scott, JD, MPH
When our nonprofits are strong, our communities are stronger. - Debra Scott, JD, MPH
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Our Values

What drives our organization is our desire to serve and make a difference from the work that we do. We believe that when our nonprofits are strong our communities are stronger. Therefore, we work with nonprofits as resource to them, helping organizations expand through customized consulting strategies.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to open the door of planned giving to all nonprofits so that all organizations regardless of size can pursue major and planned gifts. We achieve this by providing an array of technical, legal and consulting services to improve the efficiency, compliance and effectiveness of organizations in the area of major and planned giving & grant management.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver excellent technical, legal and consulting support to nonprofit organizations so that every nonprofit achieves its mission objectives.

Developing a Broad Donor Base

Developing a broad donor base from individual donors is essential to long-term success.  Individual donors continue to be the largest source of contributions to nonprofits.  Nonprofits who offer planned gift arrangements are best prepared to satisfy the needs of various types of donors.  As such, we provide tailored strategies to help our clients develop their individual donor base utilizing our four-step process called MATE.™

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Obtaining Strategic Counsel

Persons responsible for raising funds can find themselves experiencing fatigue and burnout because of the many roles and responsibilities they confront on a daily basis.  Our consulting division was created to serve as a strategic resource during your organization’s pursuit of major and planned gifts. We provide behind the scenes assistance such as gift proposal writing, gift calculations, legal compliance reviews, and more.

It is estimated that up to 27.4 trillion dollars in charitable bequests will be made by 2052 according to a study of high net worth philanthropy conducted by Indiana University.- Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

What is Sustainable Funding?

Sustainable funding generally is stable and does not significantly fluctuate from one fiscal year to the next.  Contrast this to variable funding where the amount from donors is uncertain until received and varies sometimes significantly.

Receiving Sustainable Funding

Sustainable funding is a direct result of the planning efforts of the nonprofit organization, its donors and advisors. When properly structured, planned gifts provide financial benefits for the donor and sustainability for the nonprofit.

Can We Achieve Sustainability?

All nonprofits, regardless of their budget size, can achieve sustainable funding to grow their organization and make a stronger impact.  However, achieving sustainability is not a one time effort, it requires a long-term commitment.

How We Help Our Clients

We work to help clients overcome barriers to funding by providing needed technical skills, resources and educational training. We work with clients year-round, providing tailored solutions to help improve funding programs. We work with nonprofits of all budget sizes.

Technical, Legal & Consulting Services

Major Gifts

Modeling & Analytics

Predictive analytics, database customization, development of KPIs, gift proposal calculations, gift illustrations and reports

Seminars & Education

Education and seminars aligned within our four-step process

Strategy & Implementation

Strategy development combining analytics, research and cultivation data. Implementation and evaluation based upon established goals

Audit & Analysis

Review and updating policies and practices to meet predetermined objectives

Donor Cultivation Strategies

Cultivation strategies based upon analytics and donor research

Engagement Strategies

Continuous cycle of engagement using database management, dashboards and KPIs

Planned Giving

Legal & Tax Assistance

Legal and tax advice to the organization on planned gifts and gift acceptance practices

Custom Gift Illustrations

Customized gift illustrations to assist the organization with its discussion of a planned gift

Gift Agreement Drafting

Assistance with drafting gift agreements and proposals based upon established gift acceptance policies

Legacy Gift Assistance

Assistance with the development of legacy programs and legacy circles

Donor Proposal Meetings

Guidance and advisement to the nonprofit organization during its discussion of a planned gift arrangement

Gift Policy Development

Development of policies and best practices for the organization

Training & Development

Board Coaching

Coaching board members on major and planned gift development

Staff & Volunteer Training

Training staff and volunteers on major and planned gift development

Other Services

Nonprofit Start-Up

Assistance with obtaining tax-exempt status of a nonprofit organization including preparing required IRS tax-exempt application and schedules

Grant Compliance

Assist clients with remaining in compliance with grant terms and conditions

Strategic Partnerships

Provide legal assistance with strategic partnership arrangements to enable collaborations without jeopardizing tax-exempt status

Who We Are
We are the firm nonprofits look to when they need legal, technical and strategic guidance to develop or improve their funding programs.


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One true challenge in building a gift program is organization and implementation of the process.  This is why you need a MATE.™  Your MATE™ is our proprietary 4-step process that will help you advance your gift program to the next level the right way.  We interweave analytics, relationship building, engagement practices, together with educational training to form the perfect MATE.™  Over time your organization will become intimately familiar with your MATE™ as you expand upon its requisite performance measures.  Every nonprofit should have a MATE™ and that is why we are offering you ours.

Getting Started

If you would like your organization to work with us, but still have questions, we encourage you to take a few minutes to complete our prospective inquiry form. The inquiry form allows you to request a brochure regarding our services and fees, request a call-back, or request an initial consultation. In addition, members of select organizations are eligible to receive a 60-minute complimentary consultation. We look forward to connecting with you.

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We work with nonprofits as a resource to them, helping organizations expand through customized consulting strategies.

Individuals Are the Largest Source
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Why Develop A Broad Donor Base?


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